My Only Enemy Is Myself ”.


According to the Greek mythology night goddess Nyks gives birth to Hypnos (sleep) and Thanatos (death).  Thanatos represents all destructive, fatal and murderous impulses of the humankind and he is the counter figure to Eros who symbolizes constructiveness, creativity and love. Dialectic materialism suggests that oppositions can coexist. Correspondingly psychoanalysts like Freud used the duality of Eros and Thanatos as a metaphor and named the two drives that stimulate human behavior following the names of these two mythological characters; the Eros drive and the Thanatos drive.


According to Freud, the sense of death pushes people intuitively and inevitably to destructive activities especially towards themselves. However these aggressive feelings change their target when the Eros drive that deals with liveliness and creativity and the taboo of harming one’s self come together.


The violent temper that comes out is often uplifted and consumed through acceptance in the society. It is claimed that the cultural roots of our contemporary civilization that has already legitimatized violence, that is in constant war and that alienates man from itself and from its nature are to be found in this process. According to the same hypothesis it is to claim that when the pressure in the society is disappeared, truculence is legitimized or the individual is left without an identification, destructive behaviors will be to observe in every history and geography.


Similarly  to Greek Mythology  the conceptions in ancient cultures such as Anatolia, Mesopotamia, India and China  as well creativity and demolition, goodness and badness, light and dark are understood as opposing existences in our lives. Societies invent numerous canals though which the rage growing out of Thanatos can be outpoured.  This tendency can be traced back to multiple fields in the society from sports, theatre, computer games and politics to animal feeding, fireworks, competitions and test. It is seems that as long as societies and their cultures change so will the ways of legitimization of aggressiveness but still the Thanatos drive will remain the same.


Although we don’t want to accept the situation that an eternal and absolute status of goodness cannot exist. We imagine ourselves and our society living in a steady fair peace in our planet, within a law system that doesn’t discriminate and with a democracy that secures all societies and individuals, which have been longing for long will start revealing itself.


“As individuals trying to domesticate the Thanatos inside us in our daily lives, one of our primary goals should be finding ways to prevent prevalence of truculence over love.” Deriving from this thought, we invite photographers and photography followers to IFSAK 24th Istanbul Photograph Days in order to think about this subject and to touch it with their photographic language.